Success Stories

"I would like to highly recommend Michal Henig, the relocation consultant for appointments in the Foreigners' Registration Office. I really think that anyone who needs to go to the Foreigners' Registration Office and is not a 100% sure how, what and why they should get a visa, should contact Michal. Don't risk and go by yourselves and hope for the best. Beyond the help with the language, which is significant also when you think you speak German well enough; it seems that sometimes Michal knows the procedures better than the case workers themselves (from experience!). She explains before the appointment exactly what needs to be brought and helps with any question or problem. And she's a very nice person regardless. I really recommend her with all my heart."

Gil M.

"We would like to highly recommend the services of Michali and Bella to all of you who are planning to move to Berlin. We were not European citizens and had major phobia from admin stuff, while having the goal of starting a business in Berlin. Luckily for us we met Michali in our beginning in Berlin, who had accompanied us throughout two years, and made our dream become reality. Michali is the right person in the right job. She speaks fluent German, knows all the German systems from within, is warm and kind, very professional and has an unclear love for admin. I do not know what brought you to Berlin, but if you are smart, make sure to have Michali on your side from the very beginning. "

Aya Z.

" Sometimes in life you must take a leap into the void!
One year ago, I did just that, leaving by long-term job in New York City to move to Berlin. However, I was not alone in this leap…I was with my 79-year-old mother, my wife and my cat. This was the greatest life-challenge I had faced as human, dealing with so many logistics in a large move and not speaking the language of my new home country.
I had visited Berlin in the past and had a couple of friends here, and one who highly recommended Michal Henig. When we met (me, my mother, my wife…kitty stayed at home), I didn’t really know what to expect. She immediately began to give us details on our situation and status that we hadn’t even considered, while at the same time, her warm personality charmed my mother and wife. I was more focused on her matter of fact, pragmatic style that set me at ease knowing what was to come and how to prepare.
When applying for a visa for yourself, you wife and mother, one could imagine the pressure one might feel and for me, I need to know exactly what I had to prepare, and then over prepare! Michali was very generous of her time and when I was feeling nervous or panicked, she calmly told me what I needed, while not letting my expectations get too high. I needed to know the reality of the situation, but still be encouraged…she did just that.
Finally, when it came down to the actual interview, I felt nervous and anxious, but safe and assured by her knowledge, experience and person, and I fully attest our successful application to her expertise! I’m confident we would not have been successful without Michali’s guidance and her professional and conscientious team!"

David T.

" Dear Michal Henig, I finally got my visa. I wanted to thank you for the devoted warm service we got from you. You undoubtedly made this process quick and simple. And you gave us a hell of a welcome to this amazing city. We highly recommend Michal´s services. You won't regret it".

Michal and Assaf S.

"Amazing service and professional and caring guidance? There is such a thing. Or rather there is such a woman. Her name is Michal and she made the difficulty in applying for a visa into something which makes sense, easy and reachable. The case workers are happy to see her, people who go with are ready for the process of applying for a visa. Don't hesitate".

Inbal M.

"For those of you who need it and still didn’t make the move: Michal is amazing, she accompanied me throughout the process of getting an artist visa. She's not only professional and efficient; she's also a wonderful human being who gives personal, loving and understanding services. I could write a whole post of praises to say that it would only benefit you if you turn to her. Recommended recommended recommended!"

Leo G.

"A wholehearted recommendation!!! A charming consultant who helped us with our visas, a professional who thinks out of the box and knows the system in an exceptional way, always available for any question, guides and directs and by doing so makes this complicated process simpler and much more pleasant. If you require translation in anything to do with German bureaucracy, she's the lady for you".

Nir and Racheli S.

"I know that many of us who decide to move their life to Berlin – plan the most worthwhile way to do so, and while trying not to spend too much money. There is one thing I've decided it's worth to spend money on and it is the service of Michal Henig. Personal guidance, an answer to every question, translation and representation like nobody else (!) could provide (I've never seen people like her who German government employees are simply happy to see) – and information that nobody else could provide. The service is accommodating and cheerful, I got mine at the end and I don't think my integration here would have been made possible without her. Thank you Michal, you're awesome, I highly recommend!"

Yarin M.

"Hi everybody! For anyone who needs some assistance in Berlin, I would like to highly recommend the amazing Michal Henig! Apart from being an exceptionally delightful woman, she knows the German system thoroughly, and since she's coming from a background of social work, she's very supportive, calming and understanding the helplessness one feels when dealing these systems. If you need help in this matter don’t hesitate to turn to her, she really helped me a lot J"

Alona C.