Success Stories

"Yesterday I received an artist visa in Berlin. A HUGE THANK YOU to Michal Henig-Litani who was with me throughout this process! A process which seemed complicated and exhausting went through in the easiest, fastest and smoothest way one could ask for! She's always available for any question/problem, extremely proficient in bureaucracy and a great translator! I highly recommend her."

Orna Buchman, fashion designer

"I would like to highly recommend Michal Henig-Litani, the advisor and translator for appointments in the foreigners' office. I really think that anyone who needs to go to the foreigners' office and is not a 100% sure how, what and why he deserves a visa, should turn to Michal. Don't risk and go by yourselves and hope for the best. Beyond the help with the language, which is significant also when you think you speak German well enough, it seems that sometimes Michal knows the procedures better than the clerks themselves (from experience!). She explains before the appointment exactly what needs to be brought and helps with any question or problem. And she's a very nice person regardless. I really recommend her with all my heart."

Gil Minzberg, moved to Berlin in order to work

" Dear Michal Henig Litani, I finally got my visa. I wanted to thank you for the devoted service and the warm treatment we got from you. You undoubtedly made this process quick and simple. And you arranged us with a hell of a welcome to this amazing city. We highly recommend the services Michal offers. You won't regret it".

Michal Selman-Shani and Assaf Shani, moved to Berlin in order to start a business

"Amazing service and professional and caring guidance? There is such a thing. Or rather there is such a woman. Her name is Michal and she made the difficulty in requesting a visa into something which makes sense, easy and reachable. The clerks are happy to see her, people who go with are ready for the process of requesting a visa. Don't hesitate".

Inbal Mizrachi, artist, moved to Berlin in order to work

"A wholehearted recommendation!!! A charming advisor who helped us with our visas, a professional who thinks out of the box and knows the system in an exceptional way, always available for any question, guides and directs and by doing so makes this complicated process simpler and much more pleasant. If you require translation in anything to do with German bureaucracy, she's the girl for you".

Nir Twito and Racheli Roash, moved to Berlin in order to study

" A wholehearted recommendation, the incredible Michal Henig Litani! I got my student preparation visa today and without a doubt the process has been easy, pleasant and very successful thanks to Michali! I highly recommend her to anyone! Thank you Michal".

Hodaya Krispin, moved to Berlin in order to learn German

"Good Evening to all! Lately I've been assisted by the group quite a lot, many question that were answered and good tips I've collected, and now it is high time I return the favor by recommending a wonderful advisor who joined me today in the foreigners' office. Michal Henig-Litani. First of all, she's charming, which makes this very stressful experience easier. Months of collecting information, organizing forms and all sorts of bureaucracies come down to one moment of panic – the appointment in the foreigners' office. In all this stress, Michal gives a much needed sense of peace and talks with a smile to the German speaking clerks. I got to my appointment with a few small problems – my tourist visa expired a week ago and this was the second time I had postponed the appointment, in addition, one of the forms I had to show was not on my person and I only had a copy of it. Michal rose above all of these obstacles, talked to the clerk with confidence and helped me get the awaited visa on the spot. In short, for all of you who are debating it, I highly recommend Michal! And good luck"

Nitzan Shalev, moved the Berlin in order to learn German

"I got my artist visa today! (theater director and acting and dance teacher). The person who guided me and made all this happen was the amazing Michal Henig-Litani, who answered every question, kept me calm and most importantly – had been professional and available every step of the way. I highly recommend her to whoever is debating, grappling or confused, it makes this nightmarish process a lot less threatening… Thank you!".

Mor Shoham, theater director and acting and dance teacher

" Hi friends! I would like to share a few praises with you about a wonderful and charming girl. Michali, thanks to you! Today I went through an easy, pleasant and quick process to get a freelancer (artist) visa in the most professional and accommodating way I could have expected. Thank you!! I recommend her to anyone who's feeling even a tiny bit lost in the bureaucracy or is stressed out from the complicated processes, treat yourselves, turn to Michali and believe me, it will be one of the best decisions you'll ever make"

Roi Alfia Barbi, moved to Berlin in order to work as a musician

"Hi friends, I'd like to highly recommend an amazing and special girl who accompanied me throughout the process of getting the visa. Full of talent, charm and loaded with coping experience with the Berlin foreigners' office and German bureaucracy. With eye level communication, translation and support in the moments of truth with comfortable prices and personal treatment, Michal Henig Litani is a safe bet".

Gilad Gur, bass player "Combine"

"A few days ago, I finally got my awaited freelancer visa in Germany for the next two years. A huge thank you to Michali Henig-Litani who helped and supported me throughout the process.. recommended!!!!"

Or Wetner, tour guide

"Artist visa successfully acquired..! Thanks to everyone who took part and helped in the process and to the lady who helped the most Michali Henig-Litani!!!".

Liad Schulrufer, musician
"I'd like to thank the charming Michali Henig-Litani, who helped me get a student visa today – quickly and effortlessly, patiently answered all the questions I had efore the appointment and gave very helpful advice. I highly recommend!!!".

Lena Maidman, moved to Berlin in order to get a master's degree in law

"For those of you who need it and still didn’t make the move: Michal is amazing, she accompanied me throughout the process of getting an artist visa. She's not only professional and efficient; she's also a wonderful human being who gives personal, loving and understanding treatment. I could write a whole post of praises ut suffice it to say that it would only benefit you if you turn to her. Recommended recommended recommended!"

Leo Gold, works as a dancer in Berlin
"I chose to write to you rather than about you. Because even though I am posting this all over Facebook, the relationship that was created between us is personal and mine and yours. Three days after I had landed in Berlin, you were waiting for me with a big smile which calmed down all of my concerns, and ever since then, everything's fine. Since then my coping with being a foreigner here us fine, loneliness is fine. From the get go, I realized that the part you took on is way beyond a translator. You're an advisor, a guide. You sooth the stressed out and concerned Israeli side and encourage the German side to help and give. I can say that my case is very special (…….) and you accompanied me through every step of the way, supported me, hugged, were interested, suggested .. You gave above and beyond, more than I have ever expected from someone working with me and more than I expected as a friend who's trying to help. You're a gift. You're a friend. You're a home. I love you so much. And for whoever is still wondering.. I highly recommend Michali for any process concerning any German establishment"

Adi Gaon, Graphic designer

"I would like to highly recommend the amazing Michal Henig-Litani for the fight she gave the German bureaucracy, she's an experienced fighter, an amazing companion to any non-English friendly institute, any translation from English or Hebrew, I've used them all, my case is a little complicated and Michal has helped in every step of the way, always with a big smile, politely and with much success, a huge thank you for everything"

Noa Refaeli, moved to Berlin in order to study and work

"It's my turn to recommend Michal Henig-Litani, who assisted me and still is and thank her! She is really something. Professional, organized, knows what she's doing and most importantly – always with a smile and no stress. For anyone who's looking for help with the authorities, she's the one to turn to. I know that we've all heard a lot about her, but it's only because she deserves it – Michal you are amazing".

Adi Cohen, moved to Berlin in order to study

"This week, my life partner and I received a freelance visa in Berlin. This process was pretty smooth and it's all thanks to the one and only, Michal Henig-Litani. Michal had been with us to the moment we received the visa, through acquiring all of the necessary forms, German translations when needed, organized our bureaucracy and most importantly – made sure that we stay calm. Apart from that, she is a friendly, relaxed and wonderful person and we were happy to have met her! Go to her Facebook page and contact her, she'll help you out! Thank you Michal".

Niv Spiegel & Yisca Mayo, artists in the field of animation

" This is a nice story about special people, and here it goes – a year and a half ago, my life partner and I knew that we wanted to go for this move and started organizing for it, this included many hours online and a lot of phone calls and embassies and mostly a very basic comprehension of things and that's the way it remained. After perusing in this page, I've met Michal since her name came up a few times and that's why I contacted her. in a very short while, she got back to me and I told her our story, she didn't hesitate for a second and answered every question even in the weirdest times of the day for four whole months!! Thanks to her, we were focused in the process in the clearest way possible and she is so modest it's amazing, and she doesn't even know how important every conversation we had with her was to us. She has experience and knowledge in the process, she speaks fluent German and in general a fascinating person, we feel we got our welcome here in the best possible way thanks to her and the foreigners' office also didn't feel so bad and we did end up getting visas, it was hard work but there are lovely people along the way and they are needed, so Michali, a huge thank you from all of our hearts we love you. Lee and Johnny."

Lee Caspi & Johnny Kuhlrad, moved to Berlin in order to work as musicians

"Friends, I would like to use this platform to deeply thank Michal Henig-Litani for her going with me to the foreigners' office, Michali is lovely, helpful, calming and always available and attentive to every question or confusion that comes up during this complicated process, thanks to her, everything went by pleasantly and in the most professional way, so thank you! She is highly recommended as the best consultant out there for whoever wants to go through this process in the calmest possible way".

Ariel Bechal, moved to Berlin in order to learn German

" Hi everybody, I'd like to recommend Michal Henig-Litani's excellent service, she had helped me and my life partner in the process of receiving a visa. I was very impressed by her knowledge in the subject of the foreigners' office. I think that without her help, we wouldn't have received the visa this quickly. She explained to us exactly what we needed to bring so that everything turns out perfectly. In my opinion, helping with the visa process is not only speaking German, but also knowing the foreigners' office inside and out and she has that in a big way! Way to go Michal and thank you so much".

Nathan Elkayam & Ido Poznansky, moved to Berlin in order to learn German

"I know that many of us who decide to move their life to Berlin – plan the most worthwhile way to do so, and while trying not to spend too much money. There is one thing I've decided it's worth to spend money on and it is the service of Michal Henig-Litani. Personal guidance, an answer to every question, translation and representation like nobody else (!) could provide (I've never seen people like her who German government employees are simply happy to see) – and information that nobody else could provide. The service is accommodating and cheerful, I got mine at the end and I don't think my integration here would have been made possible without her. Thank you Michal, you're awesome, I highly recommend!"

Yarin Mash, moved to Berlin in order to study medicine

" We would also like to recommend: Michal Henig-Litani. That's about it. A totally endemic species to this city. An expert for visa issues who is a rare breed. One Skype preparation meeting, one physical meeting to check out all of the documents, she didn't give up and voila – four days after landing in Berlin, we were with two artist visas in hand. Save yourselves a lot of messiness and just give her a call. Litani. Michal Henig-Litani."

Yoli Seker & Tzlil Hen-Zaks, moved to Berlin in order to work in the theater field

"Hi everybody! For anyone who needs bureaucratic assistance in Berlin, I would like to highly recommend the amazing Michal Henig-Litani! Apart from being an exceptionally delightful woman, she knows the German system thoroughly, and since she's coming from a background of social work, she's very supportive, calming and understanding the helplessness one feels when dealing these systems. If you need help in this matter don’t hesitate to turn to her, she really helped me a lot J"

Alona Cohen, moved to Berlin with her family

" Need a translator? German-Hebrew / Hebrew-German? We highly recommend Michali. We had a German-Israeli wedding ceremony in a town four hours away from Berlin. The ceremony was performed very professionally, Michali was at ease and helped us do it in the most professional and good way for us and our families. We'd like to thank Michali who helped make this day very special. Michali helped us with direct translation in the ceremony but she has a lot of knowledge in many other different fields. Thank you so much Michali"

Dana Waner and Moshe Hadad, got married in Germany