Preparation Tours in Berlin

Thinking of moving to Berlin? Having doubts which neighborhood to choose? What time of the year to arrive? Can you fit into Berlin’s life at all? How to start the process?

We hear about Berlin in the media and believe we know what we are going to face and what we have to look into before the big move. Yet, when we arrive to Berlin we find huge gaps between what we thought we knew and the reality. One of the reasons for why Berlin is varied; with many different big neighborhoods that suits different populations: Hipsters, young families, pensioners, single individuals, relocation employees etc.

One of the best ways to know the city is having a focused and effective preparation tour. Michali Henig-Litani and Berlin Dream Walks have decided to assist you with this important need and suggest making your preparation more effective and useful with a special offer. Our offer is custom made according to your needs. However, the basic package includes a customized walking tour in one ‘Bezirk’ (two close neighborhoods) and a one-hour meeting with our immigration consultant – everything to give you the best grounds for your complete decision.

What does the tour include? Berlin is divided into ‘Bezirks.’ The tour is private and customized in order to best fit your needs and wishes. During the tour you will get information about the neighborhood, its advantages and disadvantages, as well as visiting main locations, in order to better ‘feel’ the place and its environment. Each tour lasts approximately 3-4 hours.

It is possible to order one tour only, yet we highly recommend to take a series of tours in different ‘Bezirks’ so you can make the best decision. Also, a series of tours gets you a price discount.

In the one-hour preparation meeting with our immigration consultant we focus on your personal needs and on the future moving process. Therefore, we review the best options for you, starting with first arrangements such as registration, health insurance and opening a bank account, through choosing the right Visa (if you need a visa) and general matters, which are related to the moving process such as finding an apartment, work and education for your kids and ends with planning the whole process.

For further details and booking the package please contact us.

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