Terms of Use

Services: The client asks to consume the following services: relocation, business and strategy consultation, translation between English and German and mediation of the German system. The client is aware to the fact, that the contractor is not a lawyer, but provides relocation services, and cannot commit to the success of the process.

Decision making: The contractor will consult the client according to her professional experience. All decisions will be made by the client

The German Law: the process will be made according to the German law, as long as the client physically stays in Germany, or as long as their central life point is in Germany. The client is aware to the fact, that all advices and consultations will be made according to the law. The contractor will not support any illegal activity.

Payment: payment will be calculated either on an hourly basis or as a service package. In case of hourly payment, the first hour will be calculated as a full hour. The client will be informed regarding the payment before the appointment, and payment will be made cash or via card at the end of the appointment. In case of a phone or skype consultation, payment will be made via PayPal before the consultation. The option to pay via bank transfer will be granted according to the judgment of the contractor.
Payment via bank transfer will be made as quickly as possible, and not later than 14 days from the issuing date of the invoice.

Cancellations: The client will be charged for one working hour in cases of cancellations within a notice of 48 hours or shorter. Appointments made for Monday can be cancelled until Friday at 16:00 without charge.

Notifications regarding changes: Since we live in a changing reality, the requirements of the governmental offices for certain procedures might change. The contractor does not commit to update the client regarding changes that were brought to her attention. The client must actively ask regarding changes in their procedure.

Confidentiality: The contractor commits for confidentiality regarding the information that was given to her in the consultation process. Details of the client will only be transferred to third parties with a prior written confirmation from the client. Publishing bits of information regarding the client will be only made with their prior confirmation.

Collaboration Partners and third parties: Client's information will be shared with collaboration partners or with other third parties only with a written or verbal consent of the client. External services will be only mediated by the contractor, who will not be held responsible for any results of connecting the client with collaboration partners or third parties.

Processes: Due to the desire to success, the contractor only commits to accompany full processes. The contractor does not commit to work with clients who have chosen to do certain parts of the process without her.

Care: The contractor keeps the right to decline certain cases.

Availability: Emails will be answered within 48 hours. Services, including answering emails, are not available on weekends and public holidays. Clients are asked to organizes themselves accordingly.

Contact: The services are provided via email. Our email communication is not secure.

Employees and partners: the Client accepts the fact, that their materials and the gathered Information about them will be accessible to employees and contractors. Those have signed a confidentiality agreement before they started working.