Michali Henig

Nice to meet you! I'm Michali, a relocation consultant and translator

Before I came to Berlin, I specialized in two different fields: I worked in the public sector and at the same time did translation work. In Berlin, I had the opportunity to combine my two big loves: languages and people. After about a year of translating in government offices, I have come to the realization that the biggest need of people who moved to Berlin does not add up to translation exclusively. The German bureaucracy is a very complex system while still holding a certain level of flexibility regarding the judgment of the governments agents. I started guiding people through different processes in Germany over two years ago. With more experience, I realized one needs more than translation in order to find their way in this tangled system. One needs to know what they are entitled to, what can or can’t be done, and how? This is where I can assist. Whether you are interested in relocating, just arrived, or have been living here for a while, together we can use my experience and sort out exactly what needs to be done in order to achieve the best results for you.

Why do I need a consultant?

The first law in the German lawbook is "The state speaks German". For that reason, the government officials in the different offices are not obligated to speak English, even in the Immigration Office. Moreover, each case is judged individually and the government official's judgment has crucial influence. And so, it's always better to arrive with an experienced person who knows the system in order to achieve the best possible results for you.


So how can I help you?

I would love to work with you on any matter related to understanding the German system, for example:

  • Preparation before, during and after arriving to Germany
  • Accompanying you to different government offices in Germany such as the Foreigners Registration Office and the Employment Agency, with full translation of the meeting to English
  • Lease contracts translation
  • Filling out forms
  • Assistance with opening a tax number for freelancers in Germany
  • Application for children allowance and approval for the kindergarten
  • Application for disability benefits
  • Mail translation
  • Translation of letters and different requests to German
  • Translation of CV and cover letters
  • Assistance in achieving the permits required to work with food (for example, Rote Karte) or sales (Gewerbeanmeldung).
  • Complicated cases

Need help with other matters which are not on this list?
Contact me and we'll find the way together.


Satisfied clients telling

"Me and documents – it's like oil and water. Me and bureaucracy – also don't mix. Me and German – not yet… Today I got my visa, and I would like to thank you again, also in this forum, for the help, the guidance, the detailed explanations, and also for the encouragement when I needed it. I really appreciate it! I highly recommend for anyone who needs assistance in these matters – an amazing person, who does everything with a smile and with love!! So thank you honey."

Daniel Tourgeman, Lead Singer –Combine

"Dear friends, Anyone who's going through the visa request process these days knows how confusing and frustrating it could get. The language barrier, the endless bureaucracy, the stress etc… I would like to recommend an amazing advisor called Michal, she is a really kind and nice person who knows her German bureaucracy from A to Z, speaks fluent German and also charges (very!) fair prices."

Dor Carmeli, works in a Hi-Tech company in Berlin

"I have to share this: When you arrive in a new and foreign country, unfamiliar with the bureaucracy, when you're lost and need someone to make some order in this mess – it is such fun to meet people like Michal Henig-Litani. She's a translator who assists with bureaucratic processes in the local authorities (and more?), based on much experience, high sensitivity and mainly – amazing energy! I'm very happy I've met her. She's a true flower. Do yourselves a favor – contact her."

Gili Dolliner, jewelry designer

"Two months in Berlin, a ton of bureaucracy and one girl who made it a whole lot easier for us… Michal was there for any question, conversation and assistance… Very reasonable prices, great professionalism, knowledge and a big smile. So for anyone who's having a hard time with bureaucracy/ needs professional German spoken consultation… we highly recommend her :)"

Ortal and Ron Stephenson, moved to Berlin to work

"Hey friends… for all the new arrivals in Berlin or for those of you who've been here a while and still aren't fluent in this wonderful language… and need help with local bureaucracy or need a translation for anything… I would like to highly recommend Michal Henig-Litani who has helped and still helps me a great deal with the complicated Job-Center issues. She really invested from her own time and did a lot more than what was "required". And everything was pleasant, calm and pure fun. Don’t hesitate. Thank you Michali."

Dan Bilu, moved to Berlin to continue his music career

Hey friends, if anyone's looking for a translator or an advisor for all kinds of institutions, I would like to recommend Michal Henig-Litani, you will receive assistance not only with translation, but also get the chance to spend time with someone who has been a pretty long while in Berlin. In the beginning of your way here in Berlin, this helps a great deal!!"

Natalie Tarkin-Braslawsky