About us

We lead your relocation process

We provide relocation consultancy services and are specialized in obtaining work permits for highly qualified work immigrants to Germany.

Founded in 2013 by Michal Henig, our agency had developed a profound working knowledge and deep experience of the process of moving or immigrating to Berlin. Our service includes applying for residence permits in Berlin, navigating through insurances and all that is required with regards to the legalities of relocation. In addition, our strong network of professionals from parallel fields allow us to provide our clients with completing a range of other activities. , in order to support our clients´ relocation process.

We are delighted to work with you on relocating to Berlin and provide you with the best solutions.

Our Services

We are specialists in supporting you in relocating to Berlin. We:

  • Assist you with Blue Card and visa applications, to increase the chances of your visa application being approved, and so that you can get the best possible outcome
  • Accompany you throughout your permanent residency application, to allow you to become a happy and knowledgeable resident of our beautiful city
  • Ensure you are all set up to start working, have all your legal paperwork and numbers, and fill out the forms properly
  • Consult about insurance matters, such as health insurance and other insurances in Germany, to help you navigate your way
  • Work with you on family related matters, such as applying for children benefits and getting your kindergarten voucher
  • Advise you on setting up your small business in Berlin, including applying for your tax number, strategizing your approach and getting your business ready to roll
  • Support you throughout your first years in Berlin. We are always happy to listen, answer small questions and attend to our clients

We also offer workshops to you and your community about the topics mentioned above

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Happy clients say great things

"When I moved to Berlin three years ago, I didn't know what to expect. I had researched, asked friends, joined online groups prior to my arrival in order to better understand German bureaucracy and my transition to living in Berlin. But I knew I would need help. Michali made each step easier - visas, taxes, and bureaucracy in general. Whenever I have needed assistance, she explains each step, every document needed, and does so with intellect and kindness; while also remaining three steps ahead just to always be prepared. Three years later, my life is now in Berlin and Michali was a very large contributor to my success and feeling of stability here".

Alexandria S.

"The first thing Michali said to me when we spoke on the phone was, “I am not God,” but if Michali isn’t God I don’t know who is! Michali is as close to a visa God as you will find. She is honest, sharp, and knows the German bureaucratic system like the back of her hand. She will be by your side, think of all strategies and ways to make your case go in your favor. My visa could have been stuck for a long time if it had not been for Michali coming to the rescue. I am in Berlin for a reason and Michali is a huge reason why I was able to start a new life here and think about new possibilities. I would not be here without her. I cannot thank Michali enough for what she did for me".

Mollie S.

"Let´s face it; moving to a foreign country is an incredible challenge. Especially when you do not speak the local language. I think my life in Berlin can be divided into two: before we first met Michali, and after. The first half was filled with dread and fear. The second began with that moment, in which I was sitting with a woman with the best energy I’ve ever come across, was the moment in which I realized that everything was going to be OK. I realized that I had someone to rely on and that I had someone to help me make the most complicated things in Germany be simple and achievable. Thank you, Michali and Bella for being there, and for doing everything with a big smile and a big loving hug."

Adi S.

"I used Michali’s services during my recent work visa application in Berlin, Germany. I had come across some big issues with my application, and the likelihood of my application being accepted was very small. Luckily, I got in touch with Micahli in time and she managed to successfully see my application through, obtaining a three-year visa for me. Michali’s knowledge and attention to detail is what makes her so successful in her work.She is not only thorough, but also extremely friendly, supportive and always ready and willing to take the time to discuss my concerns and respond to questions. This was crucial for me during what was a highly stressful time. After the difficulties I had experienced with my visa, I was blown away when Michali was able to turn things around and produce a positive result for me. I strongly recommend Michali as a Relocation Consultant".

Hannah C